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We have the perfect range for your corporate event, party, AW, lunch or breakfast. On this page, we have collected our products which are perfect if there are a few more of you who will have food. We package neatly and pleasantly and you have the option of either picking up in the restaurant at Centralen or ordering delivery. 

Below you can see the complete menu for catering and you also have the opportunity to place an order. If you want to order via invoice, we ask that you first register your company here.  If you do not want to pay via invoice, the card on site is valid. 

If you'd rather talk to us directly for recommendations, just contact us using the form below or chat with us, we'll respond quickly!


Ost & chark catering


Färsk pasta

Vi gör vår egna pasta färsk varje dag i restaurangen för en perfekt upplevelse!

Pasta Burrata

Burrata, mustig tomatsås, basilika, parmesan

SEK 159.00


Krämig svampsås, salladslök

SEK 169.00

Beef ragu

Långkokt högrev, mustig tomatsås, parmesan

SEK 179.00


Diced salmon, creamy lemon sauce, parmesan, chives, dill

SEK 179.00

Creamy Pancetta

Pancetta, cream, spring onion and parmesan

SEK 149.00


Prawns, spicy tomato sauce with the flavors of the sea & parmesan

SEK 179.00

Salsiccia piccante

Salsiccia, juicy tomato sauce with cream and chili

SEK 159.00

Pizza catering
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